Blackberry Curve Product overview

approximately 3 months ago upon the expiration of my AT&T agreement, I started out shopping for a new mobile phone. Given the character my net based enterprise I decided I really desired to improve to a tool that might manipulate my email and calendar as properly. I researched numerous models and while the decision turned into difficult among the Apple iPhone and the Blackberry Curve, the curve gained out due to fee. Amazingly i found the precise blackberry model and shade i was looking for on sale at for only $zero.01!After the unit turned into brought to me, I accompanied the simple instructions to activate and installation my telephone. Activating the email accounts was barely more tough after i found the devoted internet site the task once more have become smooth. i was a bit clumsy with the tracker ball at the start, but after the preliminary few days I gotten used to it. I discover the keys nicely located for typing and the speakerphone characteristic is an great bonus.The foremost unhappiness with this product with lack of a practical case or holder. The holder that is supplied with the smartphone gives little capability and presents little safety to the unit itself. Any individual buying the Blackberry Curve must anticipate to buy a being concerned case of some kind to optimize their blackberry revel in.In summary, the Blackberry Curve is a superb product. As a excessive paced commercial enterprise character, the Blackberry Curve has simplified my life and allowed me to live connected to my enterprise while remaining flexible and no longer attached to a table, office, or even pc.